Sunday, September 25, 2016

Peter is six

Peter has really matured this past year. He recently started in all-day-Kindergarten and absolutely loves it. After about a week of school he said to me, "I think Kindergarten is longer than preschool was!" He LOVES to learn and is a really good student. He is doing a first-grade curriculum with some other all-day Kindergartners who are also more advanced. He is learning to read and write and many other academic skills.

Peter is very tender-hearted and sensitive if I get mad at him. He is kind and a hard worker. He is one of my best cleaners when it is clean up time.

His school teachers tell me that he really cares and watches out for Nikolas at school. They attend the same school and have lunch and recess together. Nik struggled the first couple of weeks going to preschool for 5 1/2 hours. Peter held his hand every recess and even sat out of games so he could hold Nik's hand and be with him. I think they are now playing the recess games but still holding hands during them.

Peter is a joy to have in our family.

We ate spaghetti and chocolate chocolate cake on his birthday and bacon for breakfast.

I wasn't going to have a party for Peter but my mom and Natalie wanted to do one for him.

Lots of friends were invited and the party was held at Grandma Chatterley's house.

The kids ate noodles, grapes and pretzels for dinner.

I made the cake.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Blake- 17
Blake just turned seventeen. He is busy doing a lot of great things. He is taking some hard classes this year including a concurrent enrollment Spanish class, Honors Math and AP Psychology. He loves a good meal.

He is also still working and making sure he is with his friends plenty. He has grown quite a bit and is now about 6'1". He had a football injury about a month ago which required an X-Ray. The injury was not serious but the X-Ray showed lots of growth plate left in his leg. We think Blake will soon pass up Dan in height.

Blake loves to workout with his friends. He did 100 pull-ups with a friend yesterday. The last part of the set was with some sort of elastic band help- but none-the-less impressive. He can almost dunk a basketball. He LOVES hanging out with his friends, especially his football buddies.

Blake recently went to Homecoming Dance. Dances around here are an all day, 1/2 the night event. There is the day date and the actual date. For the day date the group went water skiing and for the night date they went to Olive Garden. Then they went to the dance. 

We are so grateful to have Blake in our family.
Bday breakfast of crepes and berries,

Bday dinner- Costco lasagna

Bday cake- Costco cheescake

Blake and Keira went to Homecoming together

The homecoming group Blake went with

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Going back to school

There are always adjustments at the start of each season. Even though it technically isn't Autumn yet, changing to a new school year definitely feels like a new season. 

This year we have kids at four different schools again and I am a full-time nursing student. It has so far been more challenging than last year to get everyone to their various activities and schools. Last year there was a convenient bus that went from a short distance from our house to main campus. Because Dan works there too, he and I were able to share one car even when we left at different times. This worked out really well because many days Blake needed a car to get to work on time right after school. However, this year most days I am in classes in the nursing building which is not on main campus. So we are all adjusting to juggling the schedules.

Blake and Mariah are both taking some challenging courses this year including some honors and A.P. classes. Natalie is adjusting to jr. high which she, "hates" and frequently reminds me that I told her several years ago that I would homeschool her in jr. high if she liked (I have no memory of this conversation and think she's making it up). Calvin is pretty good at practicing the piano before school and really good at having lots of social interaction after school. Peter loves loves loves all-day kindergarten and LOVES to learn. Nikolas doesn't like all-day preschool quite as much but now that I am letting him wear my special purple watch he is doing better. I told him the watch gives his arm a "hug" and reminds him how much I love him. I am spending more time than I anticipated doing assignments for nursing school that are doable but quite time consuming and trying to learn microbiology which is very confusing and frustrating to me (and all the other students I talk to).



Horray I made it into nursing school!!
Peter, Nikolas, and Calvin
I felt a little slouchy at first wearing scrubs but now it's like wearing PJ's and it's awesome!

I had to do a community presentation for microbiology so I taught Nik and Peter's school about proper hand washing.
It was so fun to be in their classes. I miss them so much when we are all at school. Being away from my kids (especially my little guys) is my least favorite thing about being a full-time student. I hate this part about what I am doing.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cross country team

Mariah decided to run cross country this year which both Dan and I are pretty excited about since it is a sport we both did in high school. A bunch of the high school's fastest runners graduated in May and so it looks like she is on the varsity team. Her first meet was a relay and each of the 5 runners ran 2 miles. She ran her 2 miles in 14:13. I would have died to have ever run as fast as she is running and she hasn't even been training.

Mariah and two unenthusiastic cheerleaders

Final fun

We had some final days of fun before school started up again. Here is what we did.

Hiked up to the Y

Ate BYU creamery ice cream.

Played at Provo Beach Resort

Water skiied at Jordanelle.



Grandpa Jim

Grandma McDonald came and stayed for two nights and we baked a bunch of cookies for school lunches.