Thursday, August 11, 2016

Calvin's First Hike Up TImp

Mariah, Calvin and I got to hike up Timp last week with Rebekah, Nathaniel and Julia. It was Calvin's first time hiking it. He carried his own water, snacks and hoodie (when he got hot). He did AWESOME. I didn't hear him complain a single time. He loved it. I had him stay close to me from the saddle to the summit because it is sort of dangerous.

The weather was beautiful and the wildflowers were at their peak. It was fun to do another big hike before we all start back to school again and are sitting and either listening to teachers or studying all day. We left around 6:00 am and returned to the car around 4:00 (Rebekah and I) and the kids a little after 3:00 (they ran down the mountain).

Calvin is growing up to quickly!

Rebekah and Karina

Our group with the Timp Peak in the background.

Hiking up to the saddle

Calvin on the saddle
Mariah and Calvin

Calvin hiking up to the summit.
Mountain goats
Calvin with a mountain goat.
This part of the hike seemed especially sketchy this time with Calvin with me.

In the Timp summit shack.

Calvin's favorite part of the hike.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

21st Anniversary Trip- Backpacking up Kings Peak


We left in the morning for The High Uintas for our 21st Anniversary Adventure trip. Thunderstorms and lightning were forecast for the night but we were optimistic we would be fine.

As we approached the mountain range we could see dark clouds in the distance. Dan saw lightning and I felt a little nervous but we decided to forge ahead. 

Off the main road driving towards the parking area.

We parked at the Henry's Fork Trailhead and hiked in from the north side. The Uintas go from West to East instead of North to South like the other mountain ranges in Utah. We brought camel backs full of water and also a water bottle for the 8 mile hike to base camp. As it turns out the trail goes along a river and so next time we will carry our camel backs empty and just refill our water bottle along the trail as needed. We left the parking area at 2:40 pm. It took us around 4 hours to hike the 8 miles to dollar lake. The trail is somewhat rolling and ends I think around 500 feet higher than we started. It is not a difficult hike to the base camp. Next time we will pack pads to sleep on and a tent. Note to self- buy dehydrated strawberries again for the next time!!
Starting selfie
Map posted at the trailhead.
Start of trail
The trail was absolutely beautiful.




  About 3 hours into the hike you cross the river via a bridge. You need good balance to cross it as the ropes aren't taunt enough to provide stability.

We arrived at dollar lake about an hour and half? after the bridge.

 We ate our backpacking dinners after crossing the bridge. They were tasty but a little explosive during digestion! Next time we are opting for a cup of noodles type of dinner. I swallowed several mosquitos during our stop for dinner. They were HORRIBLE! I cannot stress enough the need for repellent and LOTS of layers to ward them off.

Anniversary celebration selfie kiss

And there it is. Kings Peak. It looked SO far when we first saw it and we had already been hiking almost 4 hours.

Kings Peak again. I was confused about which peak it was when I took this one. I thought it was the closer one in the center but it was the pointy one on the left.

Kings Peak- The highest peak in Utah 13,527 feet

Our neighbor, the moose
We camped near Dollar Lake. Another group we met camped about a little under an hour closer to the parking lot. They also had water and it seemed like a decent choice for a campground since they didn't have to backpack in as far. We had plenty of water at our camping spot and LOTS and LOTS of mosquitos. Like whatever skin was exposed got TONS of bites. One scout leader we met wore his rain coat just to keep them off his skin. They were vicious and bit us through our clothing.

Our water spot

The sitting and getting bit by mosquitos spot

Another kissing selfie

It got into the 30's at night and I wore thick fleece pants, several long-sleeved shirts, a T-shirt, and a hoodie. We slept on a tarp that we also put over us in case it rained (it didn't). A tent would have been nicer because it would have given us an escape spot from the mosquitos.

Our water spot

Dan bought a filter for the trip. It was about $100 and worked great. The water was cold and delicious.
Dan filtering water

Dan wore my gloves so the mosquitos wouldn't bite his hands- they were THAT bad.

 In the morning we ate oatmeal packets. The non-backpacking dehydrated meal tasted much better than our dinner the night before! We filled up our camel backs and carried 4 Uncrustable PB and J's, some cliff type bars, 4 large candy bars, and trail mix-between the two of us. We left for the hike to Kings Peak Summit at 9:00 am.

 Shortly into the hike we saw a sign (this was rare and worthy of a photo). We followed the sign to Gunsight Pass.  There is NO shade during the hike to the summit. Wear LOTS and LOTS of sunblock and then reapply. The left side of my neck and my ear burned SOOOO badly and I peeled which I rarely do. I didn't even really notice I was burning so wear sunblock!!

View of Gunsight Pass

Top of Gunsight Pass
   After Gunsight Pass we took the trail into the next valley and then back up to the summit. We weren't thrilled about hiking down and then up again but we wanted to follow the trail. I think you can climb the boulders from Gunsight Pass to Kings Peak if you know where you are going. I don't know how much time that would take off but you would certainly hike fewer miles.

View of the trail and valley after Gunsight Pass. The trail weaves along the right side of the valley, hugging the mountain.

At about this point in the hike we saw another backpacker. He was the first we saw on the trail. We didn't meet up with any other groups until Anderson's Pass.

The hike up to Anderson's Pass was steep and arduous.

The valley that you hike into and then out of to Anderson's Pass. This photo was taken at Anderson's Pass.

Anderson's Pass- the milestone just before you start bouldering up to Kings Peak summit.
Bouldering up to Kings Peak summit- this part took us about 45 minutes.


 The hike up to Kings Peak is totally worth it. The views are spectacular. We arrived at about 1:15 pm. It took us 4 hours and 15 minutes including some stops. I was hoping we would arrive around noon but we took longer than I expected. We were told it was a 14 mile round trip hike from our base camp. We got back to base camp at 5:27 pm.

Dan and views

Karina and views

more views from the top

We couldn't get enough photos of ourselves with the views!!

hiking back

Originally we were planning to camp another night at our base camp. However, the mosquitos were SO BAD again when we got back to camp that we decided to hike the 4 hours (8 miles) back to our car. We logged 22 miles on the second day. About 30 miles total for the entire trip.

Kings Peak

    We arrived in the dark to our car at 10:27 pm. We drove to Evanston, Wyoming and spent the night in a hotel which we booked at the last minute during the drive. We got to the hotel just after midnight.