Sunday, December 4, 2016

Zuma Beach and coming home to winter

One of the motivations for making this trip was to take the kids to the beach so when we saw a gloomy forecast with a 75% chance of rain on the only beach day we had we were very nervous. The rain wasn't supposed to start until noon so we raced out the house at an early hour and hoped for the best. I had prayed that my kids would have some fun beach time but wasn't very optimistic when we left the house. In fact, I was so worried about there being rain that I didn't even pack swim suits for myself, Nik or Peter in the car.

When we got to Zuma it was chilly but beautiful and sunny.

Dan was a trooper and wore his suit and swam in the COLD water with the kids.

A sand crab

At one point we saw a seal in the water.

I am a wimp at a cold beach

Drew was sick but still came and got some sun.

The clouds rolled in suddenly and we loaded up the kids. The drops starting falling within seconds of leaving the beach.

The next morning we left early for home. We had rain and snow some of the way. Dan got a flat tire several hours from home and had to drive home on the spare but we all made it home safely.

Winter has been in full force here since we got home. 

Thanksgiving trip

This year we made a crazy decision to go to CA for Thanksgiving. Actually my brother Derek gave us the idea because they were planning to go south for the holiday. Then his wife had knee surgery so they stayed home instead.

We packed up two cars, 9 people, food and clothes (minus sufficient underwear for Nik and Peter because despite the fact that I bought TWO LARGE packs of underwear in August for them they are almost all lost....), said some prayers for safety and off we went. I also said some prayers that I would still be able to pass my 10 upcoming tests (including 9 finals) which were to be held in the subsequent 3 weeks. 

Mariah had just gotten her drivers permit and convinced me (maybe because I was sleep deprived) that she needed to learn to drive on the freeway during the first part of the drive. I blame the 2 (??!!!) gray hairs I have recently found on that 30 minute interstate drive. (My plan was to not find any gray hairs until I was at least 50 and a grandma. I also planned that they would be a beautiful, soft, gray... Not sure what happened....)

She did a pretty good job despite my nerves and foot on my "imaginary" brake.
We stayed a night at Dan's parent's new place in St. George and got to visit with his sister Andrea and her family who were also in town.
Blake, Calvin, Clark, Alex,
Luke, Nik, Peter, Natalie, Mariah
We took two days to get to CA, played for three days, and then drove back home in one. It was a whirlwind trip. 
Everyone enjoyed the wam CA weather. 

Kevin, Natalie, Drew, and Dan

Grandpa Dave, Grandma Mary Lou, me

Uncle Kevin, Nik, Peter, and Natalie
Kevin and our gang
Kevin and Connie
Natalie, Karina, Aunt Connie, and Mariah
Laura, Richard, Nathan and gang
Dan and some of our kids drove through downtown LA and took this pic. No traffic on Thanksgiving!
Early morning walk through the neighborhood with my little sweeties.

We took the older kids to Magic Mountain (courtesy of Grandpa Dave and Grandma Mary Lou). It was fun to experience some of the newer rides and also some old favs.

Jet Stream

Long lines
Night time lights and fake, bubble snow

Grandma and Grandpa took Nik and Peter to Travel town and the pool. They loved it!

I remember going to Travel Town as a kid and loving it.